I have an Ariel Rider X-Class 52v First Generation! Heavily Modified!

It has a 1000w (2000w Peak) Hub Motor with Hybrid Steal/Nylon Gears. It's Powered with 3 x 52v 18Ah Batteries (54Ah Total) and All Batteries are Wired in Parallel with a Quad 50A Fusion Battery Combiner, which is then Running on a 35A Controller.

The Max Range with Throttle Only has Not been Fully Tested! It takes too long to drain the batteries. My Longest Ride is 60 Miles! Ride Ended with 40% Charge on All 3 Batteries. The Max Speed is 37 Mph Tested via GPS! It will Stay Steady at 35 Mph Easily.

Disclaimer: Max Speed and Range will vary depending on things such terrain, wind, temperature and rider weight.

During the short time I had before upgrading everything and just running a Single Stock Battery the Max Range with Throttle Only was about 18-22 Miles and the Max Speed was 35 Mph with a Full Battery Dropping to about 28 Mph Near Low Voltage.

Thanks for checking out my page!