I have a Gaming/Streaming PC/Setup that's basically overpowered and just flat out overkill for what I need and/or use it for.

It's basically an entirely Intel, Corsair, ASUS and Nvidia build. It's running a 10th gen i9 14 core 28 thread cpu with 64gb of ddr4 ram. With everything being so high-end on this build, I had to go with dual 2080's at the time. Evenutally planning on upgrading to dual 3090's or maybe wait for the 40 series to come out, it's not really important to me right now though TBH.

Most people would think, with a build and setup as good as I have, what do I do right? Well I don't do much of anything really. I used to stream on Twitch and play Call of Duty, but lately I've not really been in the gaming mood so I've not really played anything since the begining of 2022 honestly. I think a lot of the reason I stopped gaming, was because I can't stream anymore right now, because I can't afford the internet plan that I would need to get the upload speeds I need to be able to stream.

I never really found many games to be that fun to me, I just enjoyed Call of Duty mainly, then some driving sims like Forza Horizon 5, some MineCraft from time to time (mainly back in the beta days because I used to make mods for the game). Other than that, I don't really play many games at all and I never have, I own a bunch of games, but I don't really like any of them unfortunately.

The thing I use my computer most for would be programming and just learning. I love to learn everything I can, assuming it's something that I care to learn. Programming is fun because I can create new things that I want or things that others could use, such as the Twitch Clip Command that I created (which at the time of me typing this I have over 5k channels using my API, but I'm shutting that down in October because I don't want to pay the hosting fees anymore since it doesn't make me any money). As far as programming though, I know nearly every language, but my favorites would probably be PHP and JAVA. I've fluant in almost all programming languages though, but stronger in some more than the others. I don't like C, C++, C# and I absolutely hate Python.

When it comes to my setup and everything though, I just enjoy high end things. Most of the things I have is because I wanted them, not because I needed them. I mean honestly, who needs a setup like the one I have? Sure a lot of people would like to have a setup like mine, but not many people really truly need one like it. Even I don't need this setup, I just like having it really.

Thanks for checking out my page!